How to Play

As the ‘caller’ calls out the numbers simply mark them off your bingo ticket, once you have completed a line, two lines or a full house, depending on the game being played, stop the game by shouting and raising you hand.




Once a number has been started that is deemed to be the last number called and must be the number on which any claim is taken.

It is the players responsibility to shout loud and clear to stop the game.

Once the claim has been verified as correct you win the prize money for that game; or share of depending, on the number of correct winners.

It is the caller that must hear your shout; the remaining staff are there only to check claims, they cannot and will not be held responsible for any missed claims.




Why not try the latest in bingo entertainment?

Electronic Bingo is the most futuristic yet simple way of playing bingo. All you have to do is purchase your tickets on one of our touch screen terminals. The current game will automatically appear on the screen, then all you need to do is touch the screen every time a number is called and the terminal marks it for you. All you have to do is shout when you win! It couldn't be easier!!





What does it all mean?


A set of books is a group of bingo books or tickets, sold together as a ‘set’.

Flyers are additional single tickets sold separately.

Link Bingo are games played together with other clubs for much bigger prize money.

National Game is a game played nationwide for a huge National prize as well as In-House prize money.

Parti Bingo is played during the intervals of Main Stage Bingo. Just put your coins in the slot and away you go, it’s fast but fun!


For game play rules please contact your local Crown Bingo Club.



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